Engaging the On-Demand Learning Generation.

Engage the Millennial and Gen Z workforce in a way they want to be engaged

A guide for people looking to create awesome learning experiences

Power your people with on-demand learning

With 61% of employees prioritising career growth, big pay cheques and fancy benefits packages no longer have the pulling power they once had in attracting and keeping staff.

Businesses need to find new ways to engage your changing workforce. Especially if you’ve plans to remain competitive and continue to attract and develop great people. 

This is where on-demand learning can help. 

This guide was created to show how effective on-demand and micro learning is when used as part of growth and development programmes. If you provide people with learning in the way they want it, when they want it, you’ll see engagement rates and business performance soar. 

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  • The reason why today’s learners need the solution at the point of pain 
  • When to introduce micro learning at key stages of the employee lifecycle 
  • Ways to increase adoption of an on-demand learning culture in your business 

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Careercake offers organisations, who are passionate about powering their early years talent, content that gives their people the confidence to take on and rise to the challenges they may face in their career.

The sample interviewed for this guide came from our live community of awesome learners who regularly provide us real-time feedback on what they want to watch and what they are struggling with.