User success stories
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Find out how Careercake transformed other people's careers

  1. Powering the millennial workforce to be awesome

    This is Holly. She’s an ambitious marketer who’s super smart and thriving in her career....

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  2. Supporting individuals throughout early careers

    Careercake’s content helps us to support our users by building up their confidence levels, und...

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  3. Empowering users to change their story

    National Learning Network is the largest private provider of personalised education, training and em...

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  4. Building an awesome personal brand in a disrupted graduate job market

    Added to that, how do you stand out when you know businesses aren’t hiring as much… bec...

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  5. Supporting a worldwide Alumni community in a disrupted employment market

    Careercake and Sommet Education have partnered to support and power the education provider’s w...

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  6. Powering your job search plan after redundancy

    It’s about keeping a routine, learning which tools recruiters are using, and trying to keep mo...

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  7. Taking some of the difficulty out of financial difficulty

    Nationwide needs no introduction. (But we’ll do it anyway because of the great work they do fo...

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  8. Take that, career anxiety!

    This is J. She’s a valued member of the Careercake community and has watched our videos to get...

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  9. Powering students to prepare for life after Uni

    Landing that perfect graduate job once you finish university isn’t always as straightforward a...

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