Content aligned to the challenges early years' talent face

iQ Student Accomodation's Story

‘The quality and diversity of the content from Careercake means we can keep our content fresh and provide our teams with a regular drumbeat of continuous learning’.

That’s Angel, Head of Learning and Development at iQ Student Accommodation - one of the leading names in the student accommodation market. Her role is (amongst a lot of other stuff) to power her 500-strong team to feel awesome in their careers; helping to enhance performance and ultimately, delight their end customers.

She came to Careercake in search of fresh content aligned to the challenges iQ’s workforce may face when starting out in their careers.

She sought content that was of great quality but that also spoke to her staff with authenticity that would give them knowledge and help complement their self directed learning.

Angel provides content to various groups of learners, including both those new to the team and iQers who are developing their skills and careers; equipping them with content that covers everything from what to know during the on-boarding period right up to leading departments and teams. 

What is is about Careercake’s content that iQers love?

She feels Careercake’s content library perfectly complements her blended learning approach and provides them with real return on investment.

Our people love the topics; we offer 27 Learning Plans which contain Careercake’s content, they have been viewed over 1750 times

iQ shares situational content such as ‘Managing Conflict within the Workplace’ and ‘Conducting motivational 1-2-1 reviews’, as well as wellbeing and lifestyle learning topics. Angel says a particular favourite video is ‘The Power of Introverts’ which one employee stated “helped me understand more about myself’

This feedback is exactly why we do what we do here at Careercake.

"We continually talk to people starting out in their careers to learn about the issues they face when entering a commercial environment. From here we create advice and share tips they can apply both immediately but also throughout their continuous development", says Aimee Bateman, CEO.

"Sometimes they are struggling with areas you don’t even realise they need a hand with. Some people need help to overcome a wide range of challenges, for example they may need help with how to run their first meeting or get their ideas heard because they don’t feel like they have a voice….yet.

"These are the kind of things people-led businesses recognise and actively support their staff with. It’s no wonder the end result sees higher staff retention and happy teams and iQ is a fantastic example of this!"

What else does iQ love about Careercake?

Content is provided in a format that makes it easy for them to upload and add to on continuous basis.

When iQ started working with Careercake they were busy launching their own learning platform (which has since gone on to become award-winning) and sought the content to add to create the ultimate learning experience for the staff they so obviously value and support.