Engaging students to increase employability

Cardiff Business School's Story

Dr. Sue Bartlett

‘Careercake’s content makes our students believe they can achieve, which is something the competition fails on; careers and employability advice needs to be more than just factual - it needs to be inspiring too’.

This is Sue Bartlett, Director of Employability and Skills at Cardiff Business School. Employability has been high on the agenda of most higher education institutions in the UK for the past decade and Cardiff University is no exception. Students are investing heavily in their futures, and they expect a return.

Sue and her team support c3,000 students and although they work hard to provide students with a range of employability enhancing opportunities, including placements, it can be difficult to reach out to such a high number of students.

Students love on-demand viewing (it’s what they’ve come to expect).

‘When you consider the diversity of the student body, and that every student, in every year and on every programme of study, is at a different stage in their own ‘employability journey’, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach isn’t always effective’ says Sue.  ‘This is why, for the past three years, we have invested in Careercake. And our students love it!’

Careercake’s content is available to students via its platform on-demand 24/7, which means Sue’s students are able to access support at any time of the day (even when the careers department is closed).

‘This is super useful, given the average time of day content is watched by students is in the evenings or on a Sunday afternoon’ says Aimee. ‘Sue can feel confident that her students are supported when they need it; helping to increase student engagement rates and therefore, employability’.

Why Cardiff Business School students love Careercake.

‘The provision of online careers advice is not a new concept, and there are alternatives in the market, but the competition is either prohibitively expensive, or just not engaging enough’ says Sue.

‘Careercake pitches everything perfectly for our students; the material is well-paced, interesting and more importantly, motivating. The courses delivered by Careercake make our students believe they can achieve, which is something the competition fails on; careers and employability advice needs to be more than just factual - it needs to be inspiring too’.

The increasing importance of the Student Experience.

Employability is and will continue to be a major challenge in the higher education sector, and it’s not going away any time soon.  

Cardiff Business School recognises this and that their students need support, not just in making successful applications, but also in skills development and crucially, in finding and keeping fulfilling work.  

Careercake recognises and acknowledges that employability isn’t just about the ‘now’ – it’s about the future too.

Employability is a lifelong journey and we are proud that our students are starting this journey with Careercake alongside them 


Are you tasked with improving graduate employability? 

Looking for a way to support your students out on placement?

Sign up for a demo to Careercake to browse through the titles we offer that are guaranteed to improve confidence, resilience and employability skills. 

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