"Graduating doesn't seem so scary now"

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Luci's Story

"I feel like I've got a plan now. Graduating doesn’t seem so scary"

Landing that perfect graduate job once you finish university isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

There can be a lot of added pressure and stress in the lead up to it. Especially if you’re studying a degree subject that’s pretty open and could be the starting point for multiple career paths. Oh, and you’re in your last few months and you may have left it too late to get as much work experience as you'd hoped.

Sound familiar?

This is Luci. She’s studying International Relations and came to Careercake in a bit of a quandry. It’s fast approaching graduation time for her and she feels she has left sorting out her career plan to the last minute. (Her words, we promise!)

Luci is surrounded by a close knit group of friends who all seem to have a clear idea of what they want to do when they graduate and have secured placements and work experience opportunities.

This led her to question her abilities, her value and her path in life.

Here Luci talks to us about why she came to Careercake in search of a way to help regain control, develop her self-esteem and discover ways to learn which path she should take.

A lack of confidence

‘I didn’t know what I could offer a potential employer. I thought I had no skills they’d be interested in. I hadn’t got a part time job or completed any work experience (despite being told I should do) so when it came to applying for internships I thought what’s the point’ said Luci.

Thinking about it now, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to offer, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do and therefore how to package my skills in a way that would be of interest to an employer

Luci like many other students is studying for a degree in a discipline that can offer so many potential career opportunities. Unfortunately rather than view this as a positive a lot of students can become overwhelmed by this.

‘The fact there are many paths available to me should be a good thing but if anything it has had the opposite effect. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t step back and think long and hard about where I wanted to spend the next few years of my working life'.

Luci’s situation isn’t uncommon. Thousands of students leave university with no clear idea of what they want to do with their career and in fact 69% of graduates are still not in graduate jobs up to two years after graduation according to the AGR.

Sorting your career plan out in as little as 30 days

Luci signed up to Careercake and over a four-week period, started watching content with the purpose of getting a better idea of where she should be going and what she needed to do to get there.

She watched our content aimed at assisting undergraduates to think about their options and give them to framework to get out there. (All of which nicely complements any universities careers service!)

‘There are many videos included, such as how to write a CV and how to win in an interview situation, but I soon realised there’s so much more to career development than this’.

I quickly learned about the other stuff - understanding my purpose or what impact a rejection may have on me and how to build my resilience. It’s all these extra bits that Careercake provide that I love

Commenting on which titles she found useful Luci said: ‘I also liked the content on how to use social media to talk to potential employers. I always thought LinkedIn was for people already in a career but it’s not. I can talk to HR managers and employers about any openings they may have whilst also showing my skills via the profile just like an online CV’.

How are the confidence levels now, Luci?

‘I feel like I have such a clearer idea of what I need to do to get a good graduate job. I know how to approach employers in these areas to ask for work experience and how to build relationships with them. I didn’t know how to do this a few weeks ago. The next challenge is how to perform in the job once I’ve got it, and I know Careercake has content on that too'.


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