"I'm increasing in confidence every day"

Holly Watson

Upskilling today’s Millennial Workforce to be Awesome

This is Holly. She’s an ambitious marketer who’s super smart and thriving in her career. She’s got big plans when it comes to her progression and watches Careercake videos as part of her learning to speed up her professional development.

And whilst she’s totally owning her career she’s also facing a different set of challenges. Like many of her fellow Millennials, she realises that to achieve fulfilment in a job, you need to invest time in learning and developing skills whilst also keeping an eye on your wellbeing.

Here Holly talks about how she maintains her performance at work against a whole heap of pressures, and what she does to keep her career plans fit and healthy.

Rewind to a few years back and Holly had just graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. Like many of her peers she thought having just donned a cap and gown and with a uni degree certification in her possession she would simply walk into her perfect job.

You think uni will prepare you for the world of work, but instead, you enter it and you find it’s really competitive.

‘I spent ages looking for an opportunity that would give me an ‘in’ but it didn’t work out. In the end I moved back home and felt I needed to reassess my career and work out what I needed to learn to get back on the right path’.

The next few years saw Holly trying to get into a role she loved. After landing a job as a Copywriter, she eventually moved into her current marketing role, where she heads up the function.

So the pressure’s off, right?

I want to be at the top of my game. With this comes a lot of pressure that I put on myself. I want to do well in my career but feel I can’t stay still as I want to show my colleagues that I’m on it and I am in control

Holly’s situation is all too familiar.

The immense pressure you can put on yourself to climb up the ladder is tough.

Then there’s the added stress that comes from trying to earn a good salary to pay off that student debt. 

All of a sudden professional development stops being enjoyable and empowering... and begins to feel like a chore.

The good news is Holly uses Careercake’s library of content to develop her skills whilst also accessing wellbeing videos that helps keep her mental health in check.

‘I’m a confident person, however when it comes to presenting to groups I fall to pieces. I watched the Powerful Presentations and this helped me to understand how to deal with those pesky nerves and be able to deliver a presentation when my boss calls upon me’.

Silencing your inner critic

‘I get that I also need to work on other areas that can affect the wellbeing of myself and others. This is so important. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and struggle to silence my inner critic. The wellbeing topics on the Careercake platform were a great help’ she says.

The quest to find the ‘perfect job’ and feel fulfilled can be exhausting. Sometimes when it doesn’t go the way you think it ought to you begin to question your abilities which can open up a whole world of stress and anxiety issues.

‘Millennials (who’ll make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025) comprise a generation who face a range of workplace challenges that the previous generations didn't’ says Aimee Bateman, Careercake CEO.

‘It’s no wonder findings from the Mental Health Foundation and Mental Health First Aid England suggest that Millennials feel more under pressure compared to any other age group’.

Holly sums it up perfectly:

The great thing is, there is now content from platforms such as Careercake that offer me instant access to advice on the things that really matter. It bridges the gap and as a result I am increasing in confidence every day


Are you, like Holly, keen to develop your skills at work? Perhaps you've got your eye on a promotion? Try Careercake for 14 days for free to watch an awesome range of content and get your boss' attention. 


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