"I genuinely feel I've got this!"

Powering your job search plan after redundancy

Gabrielle Dwyer

Anyone who’s ever been made redundant (or knows someone who has) understands it’s not just a case of ‘getting back on the horse’ and applying for jobs. There’s so much more to it than that.

It’s about keeping a routine, learning which tools recruiters are using, and trying to keep motivated as you can, especially if you get rejected for a job you put your heart and soul into applying for.

Here’s Gabrielle. She unfortunately lost her job last year after being made redundant from a business she really liked working for. As an eLearning Designer her market is fairly specific, so she needed to come up with a job hunt plan that would see her find an opportunity and, of course, return to work as soon as possible.

Rather than follow the same ol’ traditional advice, however, she looked for and found new ways of understanding the process and how to market her skills.

The result?

She only went and landed a new job in just 12 weeks.

What did she do differently? Here she tells us how she created an awesome plan, using Careercake videos, that helped to boost her confidence, identify new ways of talking to interviewers and ultimately, land in success. (Wahey!)

‘I was flung into this situation whereby I had to start applying for jobs and learning how to market myself again. I was totally out of practice’ said Gabrielle.

You don’t expect to be made redundant. Which means you can’t prepare for it. Putting yourself out there and finding and applying for jobs simply isn’t a tick-box exercise. It’s more than that

To give yourself the best start, you need to understand how to market yourself and position yourself with the employer to show them how you can solve a problem. Once she learned this she was able to target the right type of businesses to apply for which would speed up the process'.

The A-Ha! Moment.

‘You forget it’s not about you and your achievements. It’s about your value and how you can make that business more successful. That’s what the hiring manager wants to hear and that’s one of the tips I learned from Careercake’ says Gabrielle.

Watching Careercake’s content made me change my outlook. It showed me that in you are the product. This gave me a boost in positivity because all of a sudden I have an edge! I now know how to position myself

Secret Weapon.

‘You get insights into things you’d never have considered in the first place. Insights that really did give me the edge.

'Some of the tips in these videos I didn’t even think about - how to act when you leave, what to do when you exit the building. Then there’s the insight videos, short bursts of tips on questions you may be asked in the interview. I love the way the videos are presented by people who genuinely care about the viewer. They get that we’re experiencing all sorts of stuff’.


Does Gabrielle's situation sound familiar?

Perhaps you're job hunting at present but your confidence has taken a knock and you need to build a little resilience?

Sign up to Careercake today for your free trial to watch the videos we have that'll give you the edge.

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